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TAMIL CHRISTIAN RADIO greets its radio listener in the name of the Lord. By God's abundant blessings this Tamil Christian radio site was started. Here in this site we transmit many of the Tamil Christian FM radio stations. There are many radio stations here in our site, you can choose from any one of these and listen to it. All the radio stations air Tamil Christian related programmes such as Tamil Christian songs, bible reading, dramas, testimonies, and prayers. By Gods rich blessing Tamil Christian FM is effectively running well and reached many people. We are so happy that we are able to spread god's message to people from around the world. Our team is working hard to spread the word of God to all. Our service is spreading across nations successfully. We are very delightful that our site is rising constantly.

We aim to build faith in people about Christ. We welcome you all to listen to our Tamil Christian radio FM anytime and from anywhere. With our site it is such a pleasure to help people grow in faith. Each day many listeners get opportunities to know about Jesus Christ even better. We are passionate to lead listeners into Christ through Gods message in our site. All the programmes and messages aired in each of these Tamil Christian radio FM helps people to transform their lives and choose God. We are delighted that God is raising our shield of worship to reach many people. God has really showered blessings to us to spread Gods message to the whole world over online. The programmes are planned to make it more interesting to make listeners connect with the worship. The worship and songs have astounded many hearts universally. Our main objective is to enlarge the ministry online and share Gods glory with the people.