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About Thuthi FM

Thuthi FM is one of the Christian satellite live radio. Thuthi FM project has grown and flourished in many ways. It has been given as a ministry by our Lord to reach many people. God has done many miracles through this radio ministry. God is using Thuthi FM to tell people about Christ and his words. It is solely run by the passion of the team members of Thuthi FM. The focus and goal is to reach out as many individuals as possible throughout the world through this radio ministry. They mainly aim to reach their ministry to those who do not know Christ. They want to guide and support them in having their lives changed and guiding them to choose the almighty God as their personal saviour. The messages which they broadcast make people to get assurance and hope for their future in attaining eternal life. It is with humble pride that they share with you in saying that Thuthi FM reaches many listeners through Satellite. God has done so many miracles through Thuthi FM. People have given their testimony and are sharing how God has changed their lives. Thuthi FM also gives chances to listeners to be a part in their programs. Thuthi FM is well known for its ministry in the online FM radio stations. This FM reaches many people worldwide and helps people understand God plans and his words. The songs played here have captivated several souls worldwide. They are also making plans to reach many homes globally. Their undying yearning is to earn as many souls for Christ and perfecting them to love Christ. The songs are all so interesting and take you to the world of spiritual life. Each day they get chance to reach many people and spread the word of Christ. They are pleased to grow their ministry and share the glory of Christ.

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