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About Amen Fm : Tamil Christian Radio

Amen FM was founded by Bro. Lawrence Joseph and Sis. Carmen Lawrence on February 14, 2004. It is the first and only Tamil Christian Satellite Live Radio. Currently Amen FM is moving towards achieving 100 hours non-stop program. The best part about Amen FM is that it gives chances to listeners to be a part in their programs. It also hosts shows in which the listeners will host the program. Its goal is to reach individuals all round the world through the radio ministry. It contributes to assist and support people to change their lives and guiding them to choose before the good and evil.This live radio program gives chances to show and express talent given by God to the world only to glorify the Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Amen FM reaches nearly to 480 million listeners through Satellite. Amen Gospel Media radio network reaches all around the world. They are passionate about communicating Gods message to the listeners. Through their ministry of worship they as a congregation encourage listeners to become wholehearted worshipers who will reach their world for Jesus Christ.Amen Gospel Media believes that this is just the start. They still have a long way to reach many people worldwide and help people prepare and understand for what God planned to do. They see the roots of deep renewal and regeneration, and believe that God is still raising their canopy of worship.God has really showed Amen Gospel Media FM to worship and spread Gods message to the entire world through online. Due to this the whole team decided together and changed the format to make listeners more interesting and involve them in the worship. The worship and songs have impressed many hearts worldwide. They are making plans to expand the ministry online to share his glory with the nations. Credits : Amen FM, 100 Cons-ilium Place, Suite 200, Scarborough Ont, M1H 3E3, Canada

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